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Mural Ortigueira


At the entrance to the Ortigueira town we can find “Saínza la Punkieteira”, a character created by the artist Cristián F. Caruncho, linked to the International Festival of the Celtic World of Ortigueira, along with other elements of the local landscape.

Together with the muralist Lidia Cao, Cristian F. Caruncho, represents one of the most famous modern characters of Ortigueira, Saínza, protagonist of a children’s book with text was made by María Canosa and illustrated by Cristian himself. Saínza’s story shows the importance of showing the diversity of people and different personalities, in the words of the author: “it is a song to the defense of rural areas, to grandmothers, to the natural transmission of our culture, of our dress, of language and music, of friendship and the tireless fight for just causes, for equality…”

This Saínza tambourine also refers to the International Festival of the Celtic World, dedicated to folk music and named a Festival of International Tourist Interest due to its importance and long history, boasting more than 40 years of history. Thousands of people come every year to the pine forest and the beach of Morouzos, to enjoy 4 days full of music and cultural proposals, including the traditional bagpipe band parade from all the Celtic territories, from Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Wales, Brittany, Isle of Man and Asturias to Galicia.

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