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Moeche and the “Revueltas Irmandiñas” are closely linked, and as it could not be otherwise, so is the Geopark.  On one of the walls of the municipal pavilion, Miguel Peralta illustrates this key event from the mid-15th century, being one of the first social revolts in all of Europe.

“The sparrows will chase the hawks.”

This well-known historical phrase serves as a graphic metaphor for the meaning of the “Revoltas Irmandiñas”, as stated in the testimony of eyewitnesses in the Betanzos area in the year 1467, who affirmed and described the scene of the “Irmandade” persecuting and expelling the nobles and knights, making them flee the Kingdom, making this phrase their slogan. The image shows us a group of “Pardales” carrying torches and in a threatening ambush before a large “Falcon”, which is trying to defend itself, representing precisely the moment of maximum tension of this confrontation.

To reduce and soften the bloody and harsh connotation of the riots, the “fable” formula is used, personifying and representing the scene in the aforementioned animals. The warm colors of the group of sparrows reinforce the idea of ​​the passion and courage of the uprising (wrapped in flames that give dynamism to the scene) which contrast with the cold colors, which represent the coldness of the nobility of the time.

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