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Mural Cariño


Outside the warehouse of the Cariño municipal market you will find this mural with sea views, as it should be. Carmen Rodríguez, a local artist, captures here the characteristic landscape of this fishing town, with typical elements of the sea trades, illuminated by the Cabo Ortegal Lighthouse in the background. In this safe cove, protected by the breakwater, we can see the port facilities, housing one of the most important fishing ports in this entire area.

Cariño was originally a mainly fishing town, with an exceptionally virgin and productive coast. It was born around the fish salting factories of the late 18th century and which would have its highest moments in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The characters represented here pay tribute to the fishmongers, the fishermen, and of course the famous netting women, characteristics of this place. This job, mostly carried out by women, guarantees that the fishing nets are in good condition, which is why this work is essential for the sea sector. There are currently 8 associations in Galicia that bring together more than a hundred neteras, one of them, right here.

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