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Wall Art

Street art

Enhancing the value of the territory
through art

The program of urban art interventions of the Cabo Ortegal Geopark begins in 2022, promoted by the Association for the Management of Cabo Ortegal Geopark with funding from the Provincial Council of A Coruña, to value the main resources of the territory through art. The first murals were carried out in the municipalities of Valdoviño, Cedeira, Cerdido and San Sadurniño, continuing in 2023 in Cariño, Ortigueira and Moeche, with different themes but with a common link: the attributes of the Geopark.

Muralists of national stature and local artists, committed to show some of the most unique places, trades and traditions of this territory, participated in the event.

Mural painting is characterized by using a wall as a support, seeking to give the site an artistic value. This type of representation is conditioned by the characteristics and dimensions of the support, as well as the architectural characteristics of the building itself, which adds a plus of difficulty and originality. The techniques used vary according to the artists, using aerosol and acrylic paints of different characteristics.

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