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Guided tours

A journey into the interior of the Earth

A mixture of active tourism, geology, natural and cultural heritage: these are the GeoRoutes of the Cabo Ortegal Geopark. Through historical paths forged by the footprints of local people, as well as animals that live wild and free, you will enjoy authentic balconies and viewpoints to the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains of the Serra da Capelada.

The GeoRoutes are guided itineraries to discover the geological singularities of the Geopark, with recurrent programming, at the moment, in the summer season and Easter.

Discover the rock formations and geological materials found in this territory, as well as the different geological processes that have taken place over millions of years and have given rise to the unique and geologically important features of the Geopark recognized by UNESCO.

Stay tuned for updates on the program and upcoming outings.

Summer departures 2024

We are preparing the final calendar for this 2024.

If you have any kind of incident during the reservation you can contact Viaxes Galitur writing to reservas@viaxesgalitur.com or by whatsapp at 604 029 757.

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