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Eat and sleep

Do you need a restaurant or accommodation?

Eating and sleeping in the Geopark

If you have planned to visit the Geopark and are looking for a place to sleep, below you will find a list of accommodations of all categories to organize your trip and enjoy the natural surroundings and tranquility offered by this territory. From hostels, hotels, rural lodgings to areas for motorhomes, depending on the schedule of your trip you will find a wide range of accommodation throughout the territory.

In the following map you will also find the restaurant offer of the Cabo Ortegal Geopark, with alternatives for all tastes and budgets. Take a look before planning your trip and do not forget to try the typical gastronomy of each area such as seafood, fish and seafood, local products, garden products and of course, the wide variety of desserts. Some dishes and products such as the Chanfaina of Cerdido, the cheese of «tetilla» D.O.P of Moeche, the pastelón of Cedeira, the canned products of the sea, honey…

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