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We work in heritage conservation

We base our work on research, dissemination and preservation of the geological, natural and cultural heritage that geological, natural and cultural heritage that gives identity to our territory.

We promote geological and environmental education

We disseminate the fundamental values of the Geopark, so that it is recognized as a space for science and interpretation

We promote geological and sustainable tourism

We tell our own story through our geological heritage and in relation to the rest of the elements that make this territory unique

We promote economic and social development

Economic activities and the social framework are another of our territory’s assets; it is essential to support their wellbeing

Welcome to a unique territory

Cabo Ortegal Geopark

The UNESCO Global Geopark Cabo Ortegal is part of a global network of territories that stand out for their geological heritage, managed and linked to culture, nature, socioeconomic fabric and sustainability


Sustainable development of the local economy and its products and resources


Organization of scientific events such as congresses, conferences, etc.


Protect and publicize the heritage by promoting geotourism

The Geopark from all points of view

Unique geology in spectacular places. We show you the most outstanding sites in a visual journey that will take your breath away!

Amazing geology

The essentials

10 places of archaeological relevance. Organize yourself to see everything the Xeoparque Cabo Ortegal has to offer: cost, interior, mountain…

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