Mural Cerdido

Title: The Fraga of Os Casás Artist: Íria Fafián Location:   At the school of A Barqueira you will find a very special little corner. The reflection of an extraordinary place like very few others, and that we can enjoy right here. Here you have a window to the Fraga de Os Casás, an […]

Mural Valdoviño

Title: Duck view Artist: Doctor Toy Location:   This is a point of the territory with a prodigious coast: its cliffs, the immensity of the beach, the dune system, the estuary and its spectacular lagoon shape, are all of them an important part of this coastline. In addition to their scenic beauty, these natural […]

Mural San Sadurniño

Title: In the Castro River course Artist: Miguel Peralta Location:   There are many elements that make a place unique, define its landscape and give it a unique identity. Elements that mark its history, its culture, its activity and its own memory. Small details or large constructions that speak of a place and its […]

Mural Cedeira

Title: Mucho más que un paisaje Artist: Nove Noel Location:   Here you can see represented a very special area of ​​this territory, the Sierra de A Capelada. From here you can appreciate the immensity of the ocean and admire the fortune of this land that seems to touch the sky. A wide variety […]

Mural Ortigueira

Title: Saínza la Punkieteira Artist: Lidia Cao y Cristian F. Caruncho Location:   At the entrance to the Ortigueira town we can find “Saínza la Punkieteira”, a character created by the artist Cristián F. Caruncho, linked to the International Festival of the Celtic World of Ortigueira, along with other elements of the local landscape. […]

Mural Moeche

Title: The sparrows will chase the hawks Artist: Miguel Peralta (Cestola na cachola) Location:   Moeche and the “Revueltas Irmandiñas” are closely linked, and as it could not be otherwise, so is the Geopark.  On one of the walls of the municipal pavilion, Miguel Peralta illustrates this key event from the mid-15th century, being […]

Mural Cariño

Title: Cariño and the sea Artist: Carmen Rodríguez López Location:   Outside the warehouse of the Cariño municipal market you will find this mural with sea views, as it should be. Carmen Rodríguez, a local artist, captures here the characteristic landscape of this fishing town, with typical elements of the sea trades, illuminated by […]